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Dex Amora – Aura (EP Review)

by Pooh Bailey

a3290743102_10(Photo By Divine Atoms)

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Aura is defined as the distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person, thing, or place. With that being said, Seattle emcee Dex Amora‘s new EP Aura is giving off a 90’s New York stairwell vibe. Think back to when you used to watch The Box and a video of some rappers in some big Tommy Hilfiger coats who were sitting on a stairwell in the middle of some New York project, rapping over some nonchalant beat came on. Got the picture? Good. That’s exactly what Aura gives off.

Dex’s flow over this seven track EP is relaxing. Laid-back even. Dex isn’t really an aggressor rather he’s an emcee who just wants you to vibe with him. Songs like “Time. Lapse,” “Sagamora S–t,” and “Ai’exlposion” are head nodding worthy. Production wise, these songs give off an early J. Dilla vibe. And you can’t go wrong with J. Dilla. Songs like “Luv Like Mine” gives us a glimpse that Dex Amora isn’t the stereotypical rapper. Rather he actually does adore the opposite sex. And with his Common Sense flow, I’m sure the ladies are quite fond of him too.

Aura is solid for what it is and that’s an EP. There really isn’t a track on here that stands above the rest. That’s a gift and a curse. The gift is that Dex Amora is consistent and knows where he is at. The curse is that he isn’t really experimenting with his sounds. Production wise, it sounds great but there needs to be some variety. Maybe some extra bass or a soul clap. I don’t know. But something so that each track stands on it’s own. Dex Amora is also quite the lyricist. Being on the West Coast with an East Coast style can really benefit him. History repeats itself. It looks like the return of the early 90’s Rap scene is coming soon. And by the time Dex polishes his style, the scene will be set for him. So download Aura by Dex Amora if you want something to vibe to. Aura is the atmosphere that seems to be surrounded and generated by an object. The aura here is chill, and that ladies & gentlemen should be reason enough to use up some of your bandwidth. -Pooh Bailey

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