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Deb.on.Air – Race Of Setting Suns (Album Review)

by Miracle

(Photo By Band Camp)

Race Of Setting Suns (listen/download)

Milwaukee artist Deb.on.Air is the youngest member out of the SAFS Crew camp. Last month the young emcee released his debut album. The project is titled, Race Of Setting Suns. Deb.on.Air had this to say about the meaning behind the name of the LP: “(…) one way you can interpret it is that we are all “God’s” sons and the sun is also a creation of God, “us” as a human race is setting (dying) more rapidly than ever, so the race is to see who can set quicker, the sun or the human race. The second meaning is from a more racial standpoint. Black on Black crime is at an all time high, which makes us the race of setting sons, because we do more harm to each other than any other race on this planet.” Those are some profound explanations. The LP offers 12 tracks and guest appearances from the likes of artists such as: Klassik, Blizz McFly, and more. Click the jump to see just how well Deb.on.Air can hold his own.

“Ms. Queen”

The production here is solid. It contains an unique array of elements that result in an intense vibe. The hook is fair. The delivery is fetching and the lyrics are catchy. The verses are quality. Deb.on.Air brings a standout flow, apt wordplay, and impressive rhymes. He does an enticing job of discussing his ideas of love and the perfect relationship. A few lines to observe include: “Here go the key that’s connected to the thing in my chest that’s known to beat. Better known as the heart. You had me from the start. There’s no way we apart. Until the natural depart. She as vivid as art. Running wild in my dream. Is it as dope as it seem? Or the impossible queen.” Fresh spitting going on in those bars. Overall, this was a cool cut.

“Setting Suns”

The production here is decent. It is comprised of a soulful R&B sample, slight bass, groovy rhythm, and a hip vibe. The hook is non-existent. Instead the earlier mentioned sample just plays for a bit. The verses are on point. Deb.on.Air serves up a charming flow, frank wordplay, and dope rhymes. He shares his thoughts on the world today, touching base on everything from the negative female image to corrupt politics. Some notable lines are: “Not a stranger to struggle. Use your brain as a muscle. To reach the higher ground and the common power above you. Illuminating, world renowned, we ground breaking. Meditating, deep thoughts, keep me away from Satan. For what it’s worth. And we divided at birth. Supposed to be United States but it’s corrupt as a church collection plate.” Intellectual skills being showcased right there. In the end, this song is a hit and a favorite off of the album.

“Blastoff” F/ Blizz McFly & Klassik

The production here is quality. The light musical components, mid-tempo pace, and laid back vibe are all very complimentary. The hook is choice. The delivery is energetic and the lyrics stick with the listener. The verses are fitting. All three artists exhibit differentiable flows and finessed rhymes. The trio go above and beyond to represent for SAFS Crew while at the same time reaffirming their moxie as emcees. All in all, this made for a first-rate collaboration piece.


**My Two Cents: Race Of Setting Suns is so much more then just a project with a thought provoking title. It is a pretty satisfactory debut. Deb.on.Air has an intriguing style about him that makes one want to hear what he has to say. Also, no two tracks sounded alike. Each one had an individual feel to it. The production could have been a little sharper on some songs though. But as a whole, I am digging Race Of Setting Suns. Readers should take a moment and check it out. As time goes on and Deb.on.Air continues to learn and develop lyrically, he is going to be a nice contender in this Hip-Hop game. Please note that the video for the album’s lead single, “In This World” can be seen above. It’s a hot old school style Hip-Hop number with savvy content. The video is legit too with some cool special effects and a striking visual glimpse of Deb.on.Air’s persona. For more with SAFS Crew’s youngest, hit him up on Twitter. -MinM

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