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Deb.on.Air – “Langston Hues”

by Miracle

(Photo By Band Camp)

“Langston Hues” (listen/download)

SAFS Crew affiliate Deb.on.Air is already pumping out new music. A few weeks ago he dropped an artistic themed track on fans called “Langston Hues.” The production here is straight. It entails breezy musical components, a smooth leisurely cadence, and a neutral vibe. The hook is exemplary. The delivery is comprehendible and the lyrics are significant. There is only one verse present. It is a decorous set of bars.  Deb.on.Air enlists an indifferent flow, gifted wordplay, and concrete rhymes. He brandishes his expressive flexibility in an authentic fashion. A couple of lines worth remembering are: “Hip-Hop Bebop intertwined with a Jazz kick. These styles I mastered. Rebel to a artistry. Pollock to Warhol. Basquiat to Socrates. Using vivid pictures to elaborate Philosophy.” That’s some intricate spitting going on right there.The song ends with quotes from two well known historical figures as it relates to being creative. Overall, this track is a winner.

**My Two Cents: I liked this cut. I think Deb.on.Air handled the concept cleverly. Also, the production was ace. If readers also enjoyed the single, they are encouraged to hit Deb.on.Air up on Twitter and let him know. -MinM

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