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Cinco – “Take Me Higher”

by Miracle

(Photo By Cinco)

“Take Me Higher”

Joe Albert better known as Cinco is a rising indie rapper from Milwaukee, WI. Born in Muskego, Cinco is an emcee who places special emphasis on his lyrics. He feels that rappers need to be more open to embracing knowledge and rich vocabularies. And that embracing knowledge and vocabulary would greatly improve the Hip-Hop culture. This due to the fact that as a child he was surrounded by grammar, vocabulary, and literature because his mother was an author. Makes for an interesting background for an emcee. Cinco began his career while still in high school. To date he has released three unofficial mixtapes and a few singles. Cinco is also a part of a team that has been dubbed Team Nameless. The other team members include Chubz and Diaz and together the trio blends three unique styles while touching on various topics, and showing off their swagger. If readers couldn’t tell, Cinco is not your typical emcee. He doesn’t seem to have a set label for his style but refers to it as Experimental Hip-Hop. He defines Experimental Hip-Hop as “a mix of acoustic pop-style beats, true Hip-Hop beats, and the lyricism of Fundamental Rap (Cinco). Influenced by everyone from the late Tupac to the sometimes controversial Lupe Fiasco, Cinco is on a mission to share his passion for Hip-Hop with the world and inspire others like him. And though he has quite the following already, he doesn’t want any special treatment. He wants to be seen as just an ordinary guy sharing his thoughts and talents. Speaking of which, Cinco is currently gearing up to grace his fans with his first official mixtape. The mixtape is titled Inside The Mind of Five and serves as a collection of songs that Cinco feels truly reflect his growth as an artist and a person. The above displayed single serves as the first release off of the tape.

The production here is on point. It combines a deep bass, some light sounds, and creates a free spirited vibe. The hook is good as well. Cinco has a slightly melodic delivery and the lyrics are fun and catchy. The verses are dope too. Cinco brings a charismatic mid-tempo flow with creative witty rhymes as he dishes on his feelings for a special lady. Some standout lines include: “See it could be a cold Winter night but if you right in my sight, it’ll feel like it’s bright. Something like 81 degrees and a cool Summer breeze. You ask around and everyone one agrees. It’s the most beautiful weather whenever we’re together.” Those lines are pretty clever, huh? Not bad game either, take notes fellas. Overall, this track is a winner. The production is very appealing and Cinco’s content compliments the vibe of the track perfectly. Plus, this a song that pretty much anyone can relate to. And personal songs make for the best music. Want to know more about this intriguing Milwaukee emcee? Check out Cinco’s website here. And stay tuned to The Illixer. This is not the last of posts featuring Cinco by a long shot.

**My Two Cents: I really enjoyed this track. It has a nice upbeat theme going on and Cinco did his thing. I am looking forward to hearing more of his music and sharing it with readers. Also, might even try for an interview. I’d love to pick Cinco’s brain and hear what he has to say. Definitely glad that he reached out to me. He is certainly in the league of artists that give the Milwaukee Hip-Hop scene a good name. -MinM

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