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Chris Cape – Back On Solid Ground (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle


Back On Solid Ground Artwork(Photo By Madeleine Dreyfuss)

Chris Cape is a new all-embracing artist to the site representing for the far side of the globe. South Africa and London to be exact. His music isn’t easily categorized but draws from the genres of Pop, Rock, and Rap. He himself specializes in: rapping, singing, songwriting, and guitar playing. Today marks the release of his debut mixtape, Back On Solid Ground. It’s described as a ten track collective of stories that stem from a period when Cape needed an outlet to escape from a more taxing project. The purpose of the offering is said to be to entertain while at the same time introducing Cape to the world as a multifaceted talent. Continue reading to discover what happened when The Illixer took the project for a spin.

 “Fire” F/ Harrison
This is the very first song on the tape. The production here is amazing. The hearty bass, expressive musical ingredients, zesty tempo, and motivational vibe combine perfectly together. The hook is a treasure as well. The vocals are soulful and the lyrics are stirring. The verses are solid. The flow is versatile, the wordplay is quality, and the rhymes are vivid. Chris Cape does a fine job of conveying his immense adoration for the art of music through his words. A handful of memorable lines are: “Many talk a game to please. But can’t deliver it for me. I’ll do it individually. I’m hungry to make history. Yeah, I’m hungry to make history. Damn right that sound like Chris to me. Fam might not get him lyrically but see the passion physically. He up all night on the beat. But barely bringing in the cream. It’s not made up nor Maybelline. He going for it, chasing dreams.” Those are some honest and reflective bars right there. Overall, this was a very enjoyable and moving way to kick things off.
“Ordinary Clown” F/ Amy Walton & Jo Kunnuji
The production here is complimentary. The steady foundation, lightweight piano driven instrumentation, colorful rhythm, and charming vibe result in a very pleasing blend. The hook is awesome. The melodies are flawless and the lyrics are intriguing. The verses are good. The flow is conversational, the wordplay is adequate, and the rhymes are genuine. Chris Cape thought provokingly explores the realms of personal relationships and internalized feelings. A few noteworthy lines from his examination are: “Why do we always make it harder than it need to be? We don’t make friends but we assume enemies. And consume remedies, listen to melodies that make us feel cared for in the center of everything. Misunderstood is how I felt from day one. I wish that you could give me a chance for me to mean something to you other than frustration. Really all you need is just a little patience.”  The sincerity and heartfelt tone within those words right there are hard not to embrace. All in all, this is a graceful effort as well as a site favorite.
“Can’t Be Done” F/ Illverse & Libo
The production here is likable. It is made up of: a classic West Coast Hip-Hop style structure, savvy background components, a mid-tempo pace, and a spirited vibe. The hook is first-rate and is the highlight of the track. The delivery is magnetic and the lyrics have a determined nature to them. Lines like: “I remember from an early age I had rage written on every page telling me that it can’t be done. Career adviser at the school said son run from fun. This Rock-N-Roll business it can’t be done. And when I walked away I was dust in the gutter. Every word sounded like muttered. It can’t be done. But then I played the six string low to high til Jimi would cry from the sky. Maybe it can be done;” definitely put forth an air of perseverance. The verses are satisfactory. The fellas bring distinctive flows, valid wordplay, and legitimate rhymes. They continue to build on the tenacity established in the hook as they speak on their unwavering devotions to their crafts. It’s a scenario that anyone pursuing a dream can relate to. As a whole, this is a respectable selection.
**My Two Cents: Chris Cape is a breath of fresh air. He has a very unique style and sound about him. The way he utilizes various elements from different genres is dope. Back On Solid Ground is a flattering debut. The production is gratifying. The guest appearances really help to enhance the collective. And Chris Cape serves up one of a kind content. He certainly accomplishes his goal of keeping the listener captivated while taking them on a journey through his world for the first time. It is a delightful trip for sure for those who don’t mind their Hip-Hop having a bit of a twist to it. Readers should check it out for themselves though. And if they like it, they should pay a visit to his official website (see above). Also, The Illixer has an exclusive interview with Chris Cape coming very soon. So be on the lookout for that as well. -MinM

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