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Calid B. F/ Fleaux – “Trust”

by Miracle

(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Readers meet artist Calid B. of Chicago by way of Columbus, OH. He dropped a brand new EP about a week ago entitled Eternal Dreamer. His team recently sent over the album’s first single to demonstrate what the project has to offer. It’s called “Trust” and includes a guest appearance from fellow artist Fleaux.
This track was produced by Calid himself. He did a bang up job. The production here is deluxe. The velvety base, rich expressive instrumentation, centralized rhythm, and buoyant vibe make for a high-level match up. The hook is nice too. The delivery is creative and the lyrics are authentic. The verses are accomplished. Calid B takes on the first verse and Fleaux conquers the second. Each talent comes with an individualized flow, crafty wordplay, and charismatic rhymes. They breakdown the type of women that they are looking for in an enticing fashion. Peep as Calid spits: “Now out here getting these pesos. Trying to lay low with somebody I can take home. Somebody that’s faithful. And the head game gotta be fuego. (…) Out of all these women in here I swear you got to be the finest. I just wanna be yo king and baby you can be my lioness. If time is everything then baby me and you is timeless. Got my n—as looking at me like where the hell did you find this?” The windy city rapper could definitely scoop up a lady or two with those bars right there. Overall, this is a novel track and a must have for any Summer playlist.
**My Two Cents: This was my first time hearing Calid B.’s music and I really liked it. He has an attractive melodic style about him and his way with words is respectable. The single is valid. The beat is of a very breezy nature and the content is fresh. The press material describes it as the perfect mellow tune for the season and it couldn’t have been more accurate. Readers need to check it out asap. -MinM

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