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Bobby V Presents: Journey To Peach Moon (Web Series – Episodes 8 & 9)

by Miracle

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ATL singer Bobby V is coasting right along through his new web series, Journey To Peach Moon. Let’s dig in and catch up on the past few installments. Episode eight is labeled “Jam Session.” It opens with a very intriguing tidbit about the origin of the words in the title. From there, award winning engineer Ralph Cacciurri shares his favorite record from the Peach Moon EP. The track he chose is called “Never Give Up.” As he goes to play a snippet of it, the camera transitions to Bobby V and his band going in on a live version of the song. The piano, drums, and guitar all sound amazing. Ralph speaks a little bit more before the viewer gets to witness Bobby V doing some solo work on the keys. He throws in a few a-capella vocals as well. And that’s pretty much the episode in a nutshell. Overall, this was a lovely watch.

Episode nine is coined “Perseverance.” The flick opens up with a passionate discussion of the meaning behind the episode title by Bobby V. He was seemingly met with a lot of negativity and doubt as he embarked on the journey to his new EP. But he doesn’t want any pity or sympathy. Instead, he wants his story to serve as a message of hope to others as proof that it is possible to overcome the odds. The remainder of the clip simply displays Bobby V putting in more work on the ivories. All in all, this was a succinct uplifting piece.

**My Two Cents: This web series is progressing nicely. Even though it’s the shortest, episode nine is my new favorite. I love Bobby V’s determination and drive. Plus, everyone can appreciate a good underdog story. The release date for Peach Moon has been pushed up to the 10th which is just two short days away. Readers can follow him on Twitter (see above link) to ensure they don’t miss out on the big day. -MinM

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