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Bobby V Presents: Journey To Peach Moon (Web Series – Episode 10) / Plus New Single: “Who Am I To Change”

by Miracle

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The Journey To Peach Moon web series by singer Bobby V has reached it’s tenth installment and it’s dubbed “Maturity.” The episode goes back to the sit down between the crooner and videographer Ben Brown. He gives an in-depth explanation of why he took the road less traveled with his upcoming EP. Where as a lot of artists make music to fit into the mainstream standard of things, Bobby decided he wanted to focus on a bigger picture. He wants his music to be considered timeless and an asset to those who hear it as opposed to it just being more mindless drivel with a short shelf life. So he took the steps to ensure that  fans will find Peach Moon to be inspirational and of a high quality. Next, songwriter & vocal arranger Jeff B speaks on his personal opinion of Bobby’s growth as an artist over the years. He basically gives his blessing on the singer’s new direction. The clip winds down with a shot of Bobby getting ready for a session with his band. Overall, this was a solid segment.

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“Who Am I To Change” (preview)

Last week, Bobby V treated his fans to a second leak off of his upcoming EP. This one is titled “Who Am I To Change.” Snippets of the song have been played throughout his web series. The production here is gratifying. The various refined instruments, leisurely tempo, and spirited vibe make for a glorious blend. The hook is likable too. The vocals are poised and the lyrics are uncomplicated. The verses are good. Bobby exhibits fine tuned melodies and opulent lyrics. He basically conveys the message to love him as is or leave him be altogether because he’s not going to alter himself for any reason. A short collective of memorable lines include: “Go and tell somebody. Run and tell somebody. Just take me or bid me farewell. Wanna know the truth? I’m a give it to you. And it’s plain to see. Ain’t nobody changing me, no.” One has to admire the conviction in those words. And it wouldn’t be such a bad thing for others to adopt that way of thinking too. Overall, this is a fair follow up to the first single.

**My Two Cents: I respect where Bobby V was coming from in episode ten. I think a lot more artists should follow his lead and get back into making REAL music instead of endorsing the garbage that is currently polluting the airwaves. It may not be the popular thing to do now but if enough artists took a stand, they could change the dynamic of what’s accepted in the mainstream world. As far as the new single goes, it’s pretty decent. If nothing else, I can say his choice to work with a live band on the pending EP was a smart one. His band is crazy talented. Peach Moon drops this Tuesday on December 10th. Be sure to snag a copy. -MinM

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