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B~Free F/ Zip – “When I Go” (Video)

by Miracle

(Photo By B~Free)

Remember soulful Chicago song bird B~Free? She was introduced to the site via her very delightful album Open Mic, Open Heart. She recently dropped a set of visuals for one of the more popular cuts on the project, “When I Go.” The video is just as wonderful as the song and it has the perfect Summer feel to it. Give it a look below.


This video was directed, shot, and edited by Jessica Estelle Huggins and JLeslieMonique. The video opens with a heart warming scene in the park of little kids sharing what they want to be when they get older. From there, B~Free is shown in a variety of picturesque settings doing her thing. One of the highlights being the scenes of her with her music notebook. It’s simple imagery but it’s meaningful because she does all of her own composing, writing, etc. In between the shots of B~Free are glimpses of the children from the beginning of the video playing throughout the park. Another noteworthy portion of the video is when B~Free and Zip come together. They play off of each other well and put out a feel good vibe. Things wind down with a solo shot of each child from the start of the video and their names. The visuals close out with an uplifting message before ultimately fading to black. The message being: “Follow Your Dreams.” All in all, this was an excellent watch.

**My Two Cents: This video was flawless. It fit the track perfectly and was a real joy to watch. Mad props to everyone involved with the piece. They did their thing. For more with B~Free hit up her YouTube channel and readers can peep the album here. And don’t be shy about giving it a listen either. It’s a good offering. Plus it’s FREE, so there is nothing to lose. -MinM

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