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Amerikas Addiction – Late Nights And Early Mornings (EP Review)

by Miracle

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“Darkest Days” (previous review)

Late Nights And Early Mornings (listen/download)

Milwaukee duo Amerikas Addiction has been on fire these past few months. They’ve done some work in Cali, made it on the Billboard Charts, started their first official tour, and more. In the midst of all of that, they managed to drop a brand new EP as well. It’s titled Late Nights And Early Mornings. There are a total of seven tracks on the album with production from the likes of Loco Los, Cardo, etc. Take a peek after the jump to see which records stuck with The Illixer following an extensive listening session.

“Lights Camera Action”

The production here is good. The balanced foundation, refined musical components, mellow tempo, and  toned-down vibe make for a flattering mixture. The hook is proper. The vocals are decent and the lyrics are forthright. The verses are gratifying. Ebonix serves up an uniform flow, novel wordplay, and suggestive rhymes. He puts his desires for a female that’s caught his eye on the table without any hesitation. A sprinkling of memorable lines include: “How many drinks will it take for you to leave with me? Buying all these bottles. Yes, it’s on me. Come and drink with me. Club owner know me. Yes, I’m up in here quite frequently. Know you got a man. He probably mad you trying to creep with me. But so what. Let’s pour up.” Those are some suave confident bars right there. Overall, this song definitely belongs in heavy rotation.

“T.T.I.W.L.I.” F/ K.E.

The production here is hot. The savvy bass, polished street background elements, middling pace, and urban vibe fuse perfectly together. The hook is infectious. The delivery is magnetic and the lyrics are easily retained. The verses are fresh. Ebonix slaughters the first half of the record and K.E. knocks out the second half. Both artists exhibit sleek flows, dope wordplay, and high-class rhymes. They do an excellent job of conveying the message that they are about more than just talk. Some notable lines from Ebonix are: “I see why n—as rather work them streets like a crossing guard. All I do is win. F–k a n—a if he negative. B—h I’m bout my biz. What it is? We can get it in. I be blowing big. Mixing Hen with the Juice and Gin. Couple lady friends try and sin. Said they never been. They lying but honestly who cares. White b—hes come around say they love my n—er hair.” Ebonix flexed a bit of his hood side in those bars right there. All in all, this selection is a banger as well as the site favorite. #DOWHATYOUDESIRE

 (Amerikas Addiction – “Leanin N Rollin” stand alone video)

**My Two Cents: Late Nights And Early Mornings is a golden EP. The production is ace. Having the same people behind the beats as some of today’s top mainstream artists worked in favor of the duo for sure. The content is top notch. Ebonix came with some really tough bars on this project. He also demonstrated some flexibility here and there which is always a winning move. These two singles along with “Darkest Days” are my personal favorites but the EP as a whole really does jam from start to finish. Readers should give it an ear. And if they like it, more new music is on the way. Amerikas Addiction is dropping a special Valentines Day project for all of their lovely addicts. So be sure to hit up their Facebook Page (see above) to catch it when it hits the net. -MinM

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