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Amerikas Addiction – “I’m Cheating On You”

by Miracle

(Photo By AmerikasAddiction.Com)

“I’m Cheating On You”

The fellas of Amerikas Addiction are gearing up for a variety of new ventures. One of those ventures includes releasing new music for all of their loving addicts. To get things going they are pushing a single entitled “I’m Cheating On You.” The song is inspired by true events and Amerikas Addiction’s fans. The concept of the track revolves around walking away from a relationship, despite still loving the other person. A complicated situation that sadly many people can relate to. The production here is excellent. It contains some light instrumentation, a low tone, and a dark ominous vibe. The is no actual hook, just a brief play on the title towards the end of the cut. Which works out well because the storytelling here is so engaging, that the listener wouldn’t want it to be interrupted. The delivery is smooth and mellow.  There is some clever wordplay and the lyrics are first rate. They do a good job of taking the listener through a failed relationship with vivid details. Memorable lines include: “Late night, I’m in the studio. My girl calling, I’m with a groupie though. I’m tired of arguing, I’m tired of fighting. Three missed calls, I know she crying. We been together for a while but now I’m feeling different. My emotions changing and switching, s–t we barely kissing.” Heavy words that paint a nightmare of a picture for any individual who would be on the receiving end. The fact that the rhymes evoke that type of emotion, is what makes them so dope. The best songs are the ones that generate some type of response from the listener. Overall, this is a premium song. It’s a little intense and a tad emotional for an Amerikas Addiction number but it’s relatability and quality content make it a winner. Please visit the Amerikas Addiction website and take a listen for yourself though. Also, be sure to browse the site a bit. They have some interesting stuff on there. And don’t forget the “Blame It On The Drugs Contest” is still going on too. Get the details here.

**My Two Cents: Though I would never want to be in this situation myself, I loved this song. It was something different and it showed off another side of the duo. At the same time, it still maintained their edgy/dark style. Stay tuned to the site for future content from Amerkas Addiction. Word is they have a crazy video for their “College Girl” single on the way. Can’t wait and in the words of the free spirited emcees always remember to “do what you desire.” -MinM

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