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Amable – Now This (Beat EP Review)

by Miracle

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Now This (preview/purchase)

Amable is a music creator from Orlando, Florida. He represents a couple of different collectives including: Strange Gibberish Recordings, Dap Station, and Zypher Un Label. He has always been heavily into the art form, be it simply amassing work by his favorite artists or going to live shows. So he took his passion for music and transferred it into making beats. With a wide range of influences to keep him motivated such as: Fat Jon, Count Bass D, Pete Rock, etc; he has been working the boards for about eight years now. Earlier this Summer, he dropped a brand new beat EP titled, Now This. The unique thing about the project is that it comes in a limited edition vinyl format. 300 copies were pressed up on transparent blue vinyl with artwork by another Florida talent, Ryan Fleming. There are also download cards included in the limited editions for those who just have to have a digital copy as well.

The EP consists of just four tracks. The first is called “Afterwards.” It comprised of: a full foundation, subtle quirky musical components, a groovy tempo, and a good natured vibe. It is of a respectable quality overall and was a nice way to begin the project. The second cut is labeled, “Placid.” It entails: a consistent base, light instrumentation, a median pace, and a relaxed vibe. All in all, it is a refreshing beat. “Still Livin” is the third record. The sturdy bass, distinctive secondary elements, and mellow tone blend harmoniously together. As a whole, it is a charming offering. The last selection is labeled “Aloft.” The low key infrastructure, unorthodox ingredients, and gradual rhythm make for an intriguing combination. It is a pretty solid effort and it provides an adequate ending for the EP.

**My Two Cents: Now This is a satisfying EP. The beats were all finely constructed and each carried it’s own individual sound. I would have liked to have heard a few uptempo cuts thrown in the mix but for the most part Amable did a noteworthy job. I think readers will agree. Set aside a minute or two, head on over to Band Camp, and listen for yourselves though. If interested, readers can get more with Amable via the Facebook link at the start of the post. -MinM

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