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Renz Young – “Reina”

by Miracle

artworks-000056562438-0jt925-t500x500(Photo By Mad Dope Visuals)

“Reina” (preview)

Renz Young is an affiliate of factions Mad Dope Visuals and The Regime. Mad Dope Visuals is responsible for some of the fly videos that have been released in the past by local favorites such as Kia Rap Princess and Cezar. The Regime is associated with 414 acts like Jae Ace and Pizzle. Renz also gets down on the mic and is preparing to set forth a new project. The upcoming mixtape has been titled City Of Dreams. To tide his fans over as they await the pending release, Renz recently dropped a single called “Reina.” It was produced by Derelle Rideout.

The production here is reputable. It is composed of: a grounded foundation, fine rhythmical background components, a smooth tempo, and a down to earth vibe. The hook is well played. It includes scratching and clips from Hip-Hop heavy hitters the Notorious B.I.G. and Nas. And the original portion is cleanly delivered with simple yet meaningful lyrics. The verses are likeable. Renz exhibits a marked flow, honest wordplay, and stimulating rhymes. He takes the listener through the age old battle of living right and struggling to obtain the finer things in life versus living wrong and having nice things come a little quicker. He spits: “What the world got to give a young Black n—a? Nothing but hope. Nothing but rope. To hang his-self with his aspirations of making it. So we spending that money instead of saving it. (…) Lord knows that you should let it go. Trying to be whipping s–t you never heard of. To want it and never get it is premeditated murder. My n—a told me they only care when they looking ya worth up. Not when they picking ya hearse up. Or when they kicking ya dirt up, nah. So don’t feel embarrassed in that rental homie. What’s the point of riding foreign, you can’t pay insurance on it?” Those are some intellectually packaged bars right there with a very striking message. Overall, this is an exceptional offering.

**My Two Cents: This was a nice track. The production was crisp. The clips from Biggie and Nas were well utilized. And I loved the idea behind it. Renz did his thing hands down. Good to see that his talents extend beyond the camera. Those who care to do so, may keep up with Renz on Facebook (see above link) and Twitter. -MinM

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