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AG Da Gift F/ Rich P – “Shine” (Video)

by Miracle

Ag_Da_Gift_Pardon_The_Interruptionthe_Gift_Tape-front-large(Photo By Dat Piff)

Pardon The Interruption: The Gift Tape (listen/download)

Purple Label member AG Da Gift hit his fans with a brand new project at the end of last month called Pardon The Interruption: The Gift Tape. He has also released a few single/video combos to help generate some interest in the tape. One of said offerings is “Shine” which entails a guest appearance as well as production from fellow Purple Label mate Rich P. It serves as the second official record off of the collective.  It’s a super refined number with honest premium content and a carefree vibe. Overall, it’s a pretty nice selection.

The video was shot by Luke Marlowe. The plot centers around AG kicking it throughout the city in a very breezy fashion. Sometimes he’s on the solo tip or rocking with Rich P and other times he’s getting it in with the entire crew. He and his peeps indulge in a little bit of everything from casual cruising to taking in the waterfront and boats downtown to grilling out at the park. They all truly reflect the tone of the single via cool pleasant mannerisms which gives the flick a charming aura. Things close out with one final shot of AG Da Gift with Rich P and the gang. As a whole, this was a solid viewing.

**My Two Cents: This was a neat song and video. I love what Rich did with the production and the content was on point. The video had a very free and easy appeal about it. Plus, it’s always nice to see people coming together and showing love. I wish the fellas would have actually been rocking purple though. It would have been a fly nod to the Purple Label brand (lbvs). But great effort overall. Make sure to hit up Dat Piff and check out the tape. -MinM

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