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Absolutely Dope Podcast – “Awkward Black Hating Ass”

by Miracle

artworks-000149540936-7d9vi4-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Site affiliate Destiny Loyd usually brings us the best of the brightest artists on the come up from various regions throughout the United States. However, she recently shared another passion of hers besides public relations. She is also a part of a group that hosts a very spirited show called the “Absolutely Dope Podcast.” The podcast also features the likes of: CamQuotes, Brian James, The Producer and Shaka. The crew prides themselves on ‘edutaining’ the masses via music, real life situations, and whatever else may catch their attention.

Not too long ago, Des shared the group’s reboot installment called “Awkward Black Hating Ass.” It centers around Chris Rock, Jordans, White People liking Kevin Hart, a few of the cast members share some personal tidbits, and much more. The highlight for me though, is the portion of the show where they discuss dating. There are some good points made as well as some solid comical moments. The episode runs for just a little over an hour. It’s a fun audio experience and I highly suggest readers check it out when they have some free time available. For more with the “Absolutely Dope Podcast,” readers can visit the Instagram Page (see above) and/or catch other episodes via Sound Cloud. -MinM

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