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FamousMF – The Voices (EP Review)

by Pooh Bailey

11268352_1021740027866963_2055148465_o(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Milwaukee-native FamousMF dropped his new EP titled The Voices a couple of months back. It was produced and written by Famous himself. Eight tracks long, Famous invites you in to hear the many voices going through his mind. As he takes the listener on a journey on his many different feelings about life, Famous’ unique style brings it all to the home front. Also, this just so happens to be his first real solo project. With another EP dropping in late Spring/early Summer titled No Feelings; FamousMF is determined to keep the listener on their toes.

The Voices is decent. It isn’t really nothing to write home about. I actually dig what Famous was trying to do on this EP, it just didn’t transfer well. Honestly, the production is what is holding this project back. The rhymes are there and the songs are cool. However, to make a great song, an artist needs all the elements to be in sync. The production, the lyrics, and the flow. FamousMF had the lyrics and flow but the production was meh. Songs like “For The People” and “Fuck Talking Bout” are really dope but would be better over an entirely different pair of beats.

So besides the questionable production, The Voices is pretty adequate. If you’re bored one day, take a listen. I just hope in the future, that FamousMF looks for more outside help when it comes to the beats. He’s a great rapper and photographer. He just needs a little more help on them boards. I feel that if he does, his next few projects would be a total problem. Just for kicks, check out the first visual off of the EP below. It’s for the “Cypher,” track which happens to be the last song on the project. -Pooh Bailey

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