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2015 Top 5 New Artists: Daryn Alexus

by Pooh Bailey

Daryn Alexus

Born August 14, 1990 in Washington DC, Daryn spent her entire childhood engulfed in the arts. From starring as Annie in the school play to successfully auditioning for Broadway productions in New York City. Daryn then went on to attend one of the nation’s most prestigious performing arts high schools, Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington DC. Daryn’s talent was innate and recognizable. Though she was very talented; it was her lack of confidence and low self-esteem that held her back. Early 2011, Daryn’s Aunt, Antoinette, whom she was extremely close with, passed away after a seven year battle with breast cancer. Not only was this an extremely devastating event, but it was life changing. It showed Daryn first hand just how short life was and lit the flame she needed to put fear aside and conquer her dreams. Officially taking on the stage name, Daryn, given to her by her Aunt, Daryn began to work insatiably on a compilation of originals. Daryn has worked with many other extremely talented up and coming artists, producers, and engineers. And Daryn has been enjoying the ride: “When I’m in the studio, the last words you’ll ever hear me say is ‘hit’ or ‘top of the charts.’ I don’t think that way; I just think about what feels really good. I’m just excited to be in the studio working on music I love.

Why should you listen?

Daryn is giving you 90’s vibe with her voice. This girl can sing. Not only is she giving us a 90’s vibe with her voice but also with the production. What I love about Daryn is that she’s not overcompensating with her music. You know it’s all her and that’s what makes it wonderful. Also her pen game is remarkable. Nowadays writing in music has been redundant but thanks to Daryn we are reminded of great R&B. Her voice and her writing skills are the main reason why you should pay attention. Oh and she’s gorgeous. I’m pretty sure within a few years, we will be reading about this girl’s big come up. -Pooh Bailey

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