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$Young Roy$ – Preseason (EP Review)

by Pooh Bailey

Preseason(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Balling on milk crates isn’t the same as balling on rims. This means that you can be M.J. all you want while hooping on milk crates but it doesn’t count until you hoop on a regulation rim. This metaphor leads us to Preseason by Fresno rapper, $Young Roy$. Preseason is a four song offering by $Young Roy$, that serves as a little sampler as to what’s to come with his next project, Enjoy The Ride. These four, rather three, songs gives the listener a great interpretation of what’s to come. However, like the metaphor stated you can’t be great on milk crates. These three songs are actually dope but the mic feed is terrible. It’s hard to embrace these songs when you have grade A production but you used a less quality microphone. Well it’s either that or $Young Roy$ needs to turn his vocals up. But if you can get past that, here’s a snapshot of the four song review …

“Preseason (Intro)”

It’s a coach giving his team a pep talk before the game. It would be cool if the project was longer than leprechaun’s arms but for this teaser, no need.

“The Comebacc” (Produced by Aaron Jay)

I’m in love with this beat. $Young Roy$’s flow is infectious and his delivery is so undeniable. This song alone will make you a fan, as well as having you put it on repeat. “Just to learn that in life you don’t get full quick. Cause if you try to eat they try to feed you the full clip.”

“Overtime” (Produced by Keeqs)

This is a great track in need of an R&B singer. It’s cool that Roy is doing the hook, but it would bang more if someone else did it. By the way, the production by Keeqs is unbelievable.

“God Level (Remix)”

The beat is so unnecessary. It’s actually a distraction. But thanks to $Young Roy$’s flow, a bar in, and you forget about the background noise. Between this song and “The Comebacc,” $Young Roy$ is shaping up to be a problem.

If you don’t include that distracting mic feed and the production on “God Level,” Preseason is extremely solid. I’m actually excited for Enjoy The Ride. I’m sure by the time Enjoy The Ride drops, that mic problem will be solved and we can enjoy $Young Roy$ in peace. What’s great about $Young Roy$ is that his flow is infectious and he actually has something to say. So do me and Roy a favor and use that bandwidth to download Preseason and thank us later. And remember to ignore the mic feed. -Pooh Bailey

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