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Vanessa Elisha – “Under My Skin”

by Miracle

“Under My Skin” (iTunes)

Australian song bird Vanessa Elisha kicked off her 2018 musical run a while back with a fresh original track entitled “Under My Skin.” The single is slated to be one of many that fans can expect from the multi-talented diva this year. The tune is described as seductive R&B with a hint of Pop mixed in. LOXE serves as the producer on this record.

The production here is fresh. The solid foundation, quirky aerial musical ingredients, mid-tempo groove, and throwback vibe make for a rewarding combination. The hook is likable as well. The vocals are soulful and the lyrics are simple and direct. The verses are of a respectable quality. Vanessa Elisha delivers light flirtatious harmonies and luring suggestive lyrics. She illustrates an enticing scenario where she is inexplicably under the spell of her significant other. For example she croons: “I’ve become a fiend. Obsessed with what you’re saying to me. You got me feeling deep. I love the way you do it to my body. Do it to my, do it to my, do it to my body. It’s all about the love and the money. The love and the money.” One can not deny the intense imagery flowing from those lines right there. All in all, this steamy selection has all the makings of a hit.

**My Two Cents: The press release for “Under My Skin” states that the track is the perfect first release of the new year for Vanessa Elisha and I could not agree more. The beat is everything and the concept is hot. Vanessa’s vocals fit flawlessly with the classic R&B sound and she represents the sultry theme well. I love how she keeps everything tasteful too. Sensual doesn’t always mean explicit. I believer readers will find this tune just as appealing / catchy as I did and should put it on their late night playlists ASAP. I’m excited to discover what else Vanessa Elisha has coming up for 2018. -MinM

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