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Trunk Bussa – Born Again (Album Review)

by Miracle

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Milwaukee rapper Trunk Bussa (Dope Beats Fam Gang) released his debut offering towards the end of last year. The project was titled Born Again and was co-produced by Trunk Bussa himself and Krazi Beatz. It contains a total of twelve tracks and clips from hood favorite movies such as Belly and Paid In Full. Click the break to discover what songs the site just can’t get enough of.

“Born Again”

This is the title track and the very first song on the album. The production here is quality. It contains a subdued foundation, complimentary background elements, minute vocals, and a mellow vibe. The hook is solid. The delivery is easy to follow and the lyrics are incomplex. The verses are first class. Trunk comes with an orderly flow, superior wordplay, and gratifying rhymes. He certainly portrays the confidence and mentality of someone who has undergone a new transformation for the better. Some lines worth highlighting include: “I can see it clearly. I’m a top tier type n—a. And I’m killing this beat. Give me a teardrop n—a. Smooth dude with the rear shocks n—a. While you actor rappers featuring the paramount picture. Clique getting stronger. So you know that we straight. And we love that green and gold. Know we from the G state.” One has to admire Trunk’s skillful way with words in those bars. The track ends with Trunk giving a few shout outs to his DBFG crew. Overall, this was a fine way to kick off the project.

“Get It In”

The song is found towards the middle end of the effort. The production here is of high quality. It is made up of: a sturdy bass, up-tempo secondary components, and an animated vibe. The hook is extremely likeable. The delivery is full of personality and the lyrics are pointed. The verses are hot. Trunk Bussa utilizes a distinct flow, flippant wordplay, and outstanding rhymes. He demonstrates how to truly “get it in” by going full throttle and holding nothing back on the mic. He spits: “Yeah my blood type is just too cold. Cocky and I’m an a**hole. You can try to copy what Trunk got. But know some of that is just sad for. Some of y’all might get looked at. Linings might get pushed back. Yeah I say we working. But ain’t no homework in that book bag. They listen to my music cause I’m rapping different words. And I’m different as a b–ch for lack of better words. Who gives a f–k about you if you second or you third?” Trunk slaughtered those bars right there. All in all, this is a banger and the favorite off of the collective.

“Should Be Waiting”

This is the second to last cut on the undertaking. The production here is intriguing. The dark heavy musical ingredients, measured pace, and gloomy vibe make for an unique auditory experience. Almost has a Rock style feel to it. The hook is interesting as well. The delivery is fierce and the lyrics are weighted. The verses continue to amplify the aggressive nature of the record. Trunk serves up a chilling flow and all business rhymes. He unleashes intense personal thoughts as it pertains to his career. A couple of noteworthy lines are: “I ain’t left nowhere but I’m back. Bars like underwear I got crack. Won’t catch me fumbling. I ain’t bumping into nobody unless it’s ’bout stacks. I got that crazy flow for this Krazi beat. And these people waiting so patiently. I can’t keep ’em waiting. It’s time to see what I’m made of in this major league. And thes b–ch n—as so Maybelline. Spitting hard but it’s make believe.” Very strong start to the second portion of the song right there. In the end, this was a first-rate number.

**My Two Cents: Born Again was a well put together debut for Trunk Bussa. The production was accurately tailored to his sound and the content was accomplished. Also, there was a good diversity in the styles and themes of the tracks. And though there weren’t many, the guest appearances that were apart of the project were fitting. As a whole, I’d say Born Again ranks as a 4/5. So salute to Trunk for a job well done. Word has it that he’s expanded his repertoire to encompass the genres of Rock and Reggae. Should make for some very one of a kind future releases. So be sure to keep an eye out. -MinM

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