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Tee Lyve – Late Bloomer (EP Review)

by Miracle

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Readers give a warm Illixer welcome to Tee Lyve. Tee Lyve is an artist from the great state of New York. His moniker stands for (L)ive (Y)our (V)ision (E)ndlessly. He was put on to music at an early age, growing up on the genres of: Blues, R&B, and, Rock ‘N’ Roll. He had his first stage performance in high school and the rest is pretty much history. Lyve prides himself on being creative and hard to categorize. His style is described as old school meets new school. In addition to music, the Brooklyn talent has his hand in various other business endeavors such as merchandising. His goal is for his L.Y.V.E. brand to become a worldwide movement and inspiration to others. He dropped his debut offering earlier this Summer. It’s a seven track EP labeled Later Bloomer. The project recently came to The Illixer‘s attention. Continue reading to discover if the collective lives up to the high praise that surrounds the East Coast go-getter.

“The Late Bloomer”

This selection serves as both the title and opening track for the EP. The beginning of this record is divine. There is a powerful soulful wake up call of sorts belted out by an amazing female vocalist. From there, the production kicks in. The production here is fresh. The clean base, complimentary supporting details, easy going tempo, and mellow vibe work excellently together. The hook is legit. The delivery is trendy and the lyrics are straightforward. There is only one full verse present but it is of a top notch quality. Tee Lyve steps up to the plate with a sharp flow, polished wordplay, and efficient rhymes. Late or otherwise, he makes it very clear that he is to be taken seriously in this music game. A handful of standout lines include: “Keep it real in my circumference. Cause these women love to gossip ’bout they man and all they problems. Come at me with that, I’ll stop it. Love, I’m focused on my profits. See these haters on some non-sense. Grilling hard, I guess they plotting.” One has to appreciate the finesse within those words right there. Overall, this is a very impressive way to kick off the project.

“All In My Mind”
The production here is low key. The quiet foundation, subtle background elements, unhurried rhythm, and nonchalant vibe make for a graceful mixture. The hook is kosher. The delivery is refined and the lyrics are transparent. Once again, there is just one lone verse to take in. The verse is adequate. Tee Lyve offers up a token flow, gratifying wordplay, and first-rate rhymes. He paints a picture of determination in a manner that the listener is sure to find very personable and appealing. A sprinkling of lines to be aware of are: “Sometimes I wonder why words get the best of me (the best of me). Rather use it. Brew it in my recipe. Recipe? Watch these haters feast. Skeptics rest with ease. Who would’ve thought in the midst of pursuing my art would’ve gained some enemies. But as long as I got my riders, I ain’t really got much problems.” Those are some cleverly formulated bars right there. All in all, this record is definitely worth a spin or two.
“iLive & iLearn” F/ Kita P
 This makes for the final song on the EP. The a-capella opening grabs the listener’s ear right away. Kita P supplies passionate harmonies with meaningful lyrics. The production here is favorable. The orderly bass, jazzy musical ingredients, groovy gait, and light-spirited vibe match up charmingly. The hook is pleasing. It’s basically just Kita P’s a-capella gem from the start of the track set to the beat. It’s a good fit. The verses are solid. Tee Lyve utilizes a conversational style flow, valid wordplay, and suitable rhymes. He takes the listener through the ups & downs of his personal journey in a down to earth fashion. Peep as he spits: “Tables done crisscrossed. But through that love I know I got you pissed off. Mad that this outcast surpassed you same cats who was ahead in my lost past. Chilling in my launch pad. Take off, no break off. Writing ’til my wrist break while y’all was getting y’all break on. (…) Student not a tutor. No college degree but I got plenty of ways to school ya through the moves of the medulla. I’m stuck inside yo head like a tumor.” The complexity of those bars right there is highly admirable. As a whole, this is a commendable number as well as a proper way to conclude the project.
**My Two Cents: Tee Lyve may not have started his musical journey as early as some of his peers but he certainly is a shining example of the age old saying “better late than never.” Late Bloomer is a worthwhile EP. The production is well organized and the content is nothing to sleep on. Lyve has an unique sound and his pen is versatile. He can come with both ordinary bars and bars that make you think a bit beyond the box. That is a rare trait in artists these days. I dig him and I think readers will too. So go ahead and get familiar with his vision. Don’t be afraid to leave your thoughts on the project in the comments section below after listening. -MinM

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