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(Photo By DJBooth.Net)

Love Greater / The Prequel (listen/download)

The windy city’s own Neak bestowed another video upon his fans last month. The song he chose to visualize this time around is called “Who Do You Believe In.” It makes for his eighth release off of his latest album, Love Greater / The Prequel. The track was produced by Rashid Hadee and he is also a guest on the cut. Other artists who appear on the single include: MC ADaD, Slot-A, and Sincerely Yours. The track contains a nonchalant vibe and rhymes that evoke deep thought. Each of the artists did a standup job and truly shined as individuals. Peep how all of the fellas came together below.

http://a1.twimg.com/profile_images/1622955909/R.jpgListen Here

World meet Jay Regal. Jay Regal is an emcee / producer from our great city of Milwaukee. He prides himself on making real quality original music from his soul that also appeals to music lovers. He has released two mixtapes to date: Terminal Illness and The Dark5ideThe Dark5ide being the project shown above. Jay Regal’s ultimate goal is to go down in Hip-Hop history as one of the greats. You know, to be one of those emcees that Hip-Hop heads get into passionate debates about.  How close is he to obtaining said goal? Let’s dive into The Dark5ide and find out.