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**Disclaimer**: All Photos Are Property Of Natasha Nafrini And The Respective Photographer. They were taken from Model Mayhem with permission from Natasha Nafrini.

**Note: Spotlight is an original category of The Illixer given to people or events covered that may not necessarily be Hip-Hop or music based; but still deserve to receive some type of recognition for one reason or another.

“I would say you have to be a hard worker, as it takes patience and tons of networking. I have come across some who desire this yet they don’t want to work at it. If you are not open to constructive criticism and hard work this is not for you. It’s just like any other job, you have to work hard to advance and STAY professional. I cannot tell you how many get sidetracked and wonder why they are no longer being considered and contacted for work. If you don’t carry yourself as a professional don’t expect anyone else to. People do not like their time wasted in this industry so be willing to perfect your craft or understand that you will get left behind. Harsh advice but I can’t tell you how true it is!”  – Natasha Nafrini / Natasha Nafrini is a well-established model/actress from the Mid-West. She has quite the adoring fan base, especially here in Milwaukee. The Illixer first encountered Natasha at a local Valentine’s Day themed Hip-Hop event. Though she was turning heads and the center of attention, she was still very approachable and down to earth. Her friendly persona and ongoing buzz made her seem like the perfect candidate for the next Spotlight segment. So check out her exclusive interview with The Illixer, as she dishes on everything from her dream gig to the bizarre requests that she receives from male admirers.