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 “I am a diamond cluster hustler. Queen b****, supreme b****. Kill a n**** for my n**** by any means b****. Murder scene b****. Clean b****, disease free b****, check it.”Lil Kim (“Queen B”)

Things went from 0 to 100 real quick, real quick when Diddy got pissed. If you haven’t heard or you finally came off your giggle fit from the whole Chris Brown and Krispy Kreme (Karrueche) situation, Diddy slapped Drake. Yes, Mr. Puff Daddy put five fingers to Wheelchair Jimmy’s face. But for what? A song (not Cassie). But why? So the story goes, Boi-1da gave the song to both Diddy and Drake. Which most producers do when they have a song. Drake snatched it up first and  it later became “0-100.” Diddy then wants to meet with Drake about the song. Drake on the other hand, begins to dodge Diddy. Never dodge Diddy. So fast forward to early Monday morning (12/8). Diddy meets with Drake outside of club LIV where Drake refuses to step out of the car at first. He finally does. He and Diddy continue to argue. Now Drake being Drake and believing he is as tough as he portrays on records, gets slick. Never get slick with Diddy. Diddy tells him that he will not disrespect him and proceeds to show Drake who is the real HBIC.

chris-brown-stressed-out-by-rihanna-and-karrueche-tran-situation(Photo Courtesy Of AceShowBiz.Com)

**Note: From teenagers to old folks, everybody loves celebrity drama and gossip. You can’t go anywhere in the world without somebody talking about the latest mess that their favorite celebs tend to find themselves in. So welcome to the Illuminati Roundtable. A new segment where we bring you all the latest and greatest antics of the rich & famous, complete with raw and honest commentary. No one is safe. You have been warned!

The very first I.R. post is dedicated to my favorite car-wreck (wait for it…), Chris Brown. Why? Not since Britney Spears turned into Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender, have we seen a human being crash so effortlessly. Between choosing between Rihanna and KapnCrunch (however you spell her name) , breaking windows, crashing Porsches, and wind-milling with Frank Ocean over a parking spot, Christopher found time to do community service without doing community service. Yes, the Yellow Power Ranger is in trouble yet again (Where is Bill Murray?).