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Snow Tha Product – “Fcuk The Rent” (Video)

by Miracle

Snow_Tha_Product_Good_Nights_Bad_Mornings_2_The-front-large(Photo By Dat Piff)

Good Nights & Bad Mornings 2: The Hangover (listen/download)

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There hasn’t been a post on Snow Tha Product in a while. So since she just let loose a brand new video, figured it was time to remedy that. The video is for her single “F–k The Rent” off of her latest mixtape, Good Nights & Bad Mornings 2: The Hangover. Though the tape has been out for a while now, the song is still very much so a fan favorite and it’s not hard to understand why. The silky low-pressure production coupled with the melodic hook and certified relatable bars never gets old. The message within the content is pretty timeless too. See how Snow brings her carefree anthem to the small screen after the jump.

The visuals were directed by Jeff Adair. The video opens with a shot of a room in the aftermath stages of what was apparently a serious night of partying. A member of the Woke crew is passed out on the couch and pays the price for getting caught snoozing as the rest of the team starts to clean up the mess. Additionally, there is a glimpse of a mailbox as well as a calendar with the record’s title written across it in big bold letters. The mailbox and calendar are reoccurring motifs within the flick. From there the camera moves on to a black & white shot of Snow and her peeps kicking it on the rooftop, sipping 40’s. This is a sly nod to the lyrics in the first verse. The next scene depicts the crew getting back to business as they are hard at work cranking out and packaging merchandise, plus attending to other duties. The duration of the flick goes back and forth between these two main setups with a bit of variation in the color scheme to spice things up. The piece concludes with one last calendar shot before fading to black. Overall, this was a non-complex but very appropriate watch.

**My Two Cents: Like everyone else I love “F–k The Rent,” so I was extremely excited to see that the video had finally been released. It was well worth the wait. The down to earth nature of the visuals was an excellent way to represent the song. I thought it was neat to see Snow’s team actually developing the merchandise from start to finish. And the mailbox full of burning bills spoke volumes. I think we all wish we could do that at least once, lol. On another note, the feisty femcee is currently on the road. So be sure to visit the provided link to find out when she is coming to a city near you and where you can purchase tickets. -MinM

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Rockz Solid March 5, 2014 - 9:13 am

I personally love this lil lady :))) Great review! The video was so grassroots and true. A lot of artists need to recognize, respect, and duplicate that hustle in them! #MexicansWORK ! #WOKE


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