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Shle Berry – “From Milwaukee” (Video)

by Pooh Bailey

10891834_812862232125929_2571877691269249945_n(Photo By Shle Berry)

Shle Berry is back and wants to let you know where she’s from as well how she feels about the local music scene. “From Milwaukee” is the newest track from the Mil-town native. It’s basically a song about the city and how everyone should come together as one. The song has a good message, even though production-wise the beat sounds very old school Fruity Loops.

The video is decent and is directed by Shle Berry herself with a strong nod to local clothing brand Milwaukee Home. However, it could’ve been taken up a notch. The video reminds me of an old infomercial that’s trying to sell you on visiting Milwaukee. You know the infomercials that showcase all the landmarks and historical sites. With the message that’s being given in the song, I was expecting to see ‘Milwaukee.’ Meaning I was expecting to see Shle Berry actually riding through the city with her woes (*turns off Aubrey*). People can go on any travel site and see the same sites as in this video. “From Milwaukee” could’ve really shown us the heart of Milwaukee or been more reflective of the theme of the track and gotten into the music scene itself. Great song. Just wish the video dug a little deeper. –Pooh Bailey

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