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Ryan Serene – “The Toast”

by Miracle

TheToastITunes(Photo By Sound Cloud)

It’s been roughly about a year since the site heard from Chicago talent Ryan Serene. So it was quite the treat to catch new music from him not too long ago. He took some time off to hone his craft and is now ready to remind everyone why he is one of the top contenders in the windy city music scene. His first step in doing just that is the release of his latest celebratory effort, “The Toast.”

The production here is complimentary. The steadfast foundation, spirited background details, enterprising rhythm, and good-natured vibe mesh amicably together. The hook is decent. The delivery is solid and the lyrics are choice. The melodic element could have been left out though. The verses are befitting. Ryan Serene manifests a vigorous flow, genuine wordplay, and tenacious rhymes. His goal with this record is to acknowledge his faithful supporters & his journey as well as exalting everyone’s successes. He does a fine job of upholding these themes. A highlight from his anthem of triumph includes: “Tell me who you know that got more heart than me, honestly. Had my reservations so I waited here patiently. Pulled up with Shock Therapy, they said there was no vacancy. Now that’s just duly noted homie. Forgive my complexity. But I’m a keep it real. Give a f–k about resentment. Toasting to the homies, giving back, and representing. Cause this is where it started. Lifestyles of the broken-hearted. People said that we were garbage. But we don’t sweat that small s–t.” One has to admire the unwavering level of resolve that Ryan demonstrates within those bars right there. All in all, this song is a prize and a valid way for Mr. Serene to end his year of silence.

**My Two Cents: I am fan of Ryan’s music, so I was very happy to receive this submission. You can definitely tell that his time off did him some good. He has a new-found source of energy in his flow on this record. Also, he comes with some quality content and the beat is a very appropriate match for the purpose of the track. The hook could use a little tweaking but not so much that it hurts anything. I believe anyone who enjoys uplifting music or who is just in need of a pick me up will dig this cut. So go ahead and click that play button. -MinM

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