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Rod McCoy F/ Mighty – “No One” (Video)

by Miracle

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Site affiliate Rod McCoy recently set free a new set of visuals for his supporters to enjoy. The visuals are representative of a collaboration that he did with fellow artist and childhood homie Mighty. The track is labeled “No One.” It came about as a result of some work the pair have been doing together down in the ATL. It was written as well as recorded just over a week ago with a little green on deck for creative assistance.

The song turned out aces. The production here is silken. The dapper base, groovy Southern musical details, charming tempo, and debonair vibe make for a high grade combination. The hook is addicting. The delivery is full of magnetism and the lyrics are evident. The verses are a real prize. Mighty takes the lead drawing upon his vast street life experiences to generate a segment with a marked flow, favorable wordplay, and qualified rhymes. Rod McCoy slides thru on the second half with his own signature flow, gratifying wordplay, and kosher rhymes. The twosome admirably represent for all of those who are determined to make it with or without people by their side. Overall, this is a smash hit single.

The video was filmed by Alpha 13 Productions. The concept for the visuals is of a pretty direct nature. It essentially just centers around the duo in their elements as they perform within various settings. Mighty demonstrates the spirited persona he is known for as he goes to work in the booth, vibes out with Rod McCoy, and more. Rod on the other hand portrays a more lax demeanor as he too puts in some time on the mic, consorts with Mighty, kicks it with a lady friend in a neat scene that includes smoking & lighting effects, and so on. The flick wraps up with one final shot of the fellas doing their thing together. As a whole, it’s a recreative effort.

**My Two Cents: Rod McCoy is inching his way further and further along on my favorite indie artists list with every submission I receive. This track was winning. The beat was very appealing and the content was notable. Though their difference in style is apparent, Mighty and Rod McCoy have an one of a kind chemistry together. They fed off of each other flawlessly and their energy as a team is what sold the video. I dig the song as well as the vision and I believe readers will too. So set aside about four minutes, then go ahead and click play. -MinM

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