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Maryann – “Slow Ridin”

by Miracle

SlowridinCover(Photo By The N-Crowd Entertainment)

Maryann decided to shed some special spotlight on one single in particular off of her newly released EP, This Is What The Moon Sounds Like. The song she selected is entitled “Slow Ridin” and it was produced by SBΛCΞ. The selection is said to be a striking contrast from the album’s two previously leaked singles in that it is more fun and unrestricted. See if The Illixer agrees with that sentiment after the jump.

The production here is sleek. The down to earth bass, lenient background components, creeping tempo, and passive vibe make for an enchanting combination. The hook is official too. The delivery is quirky. The lyrics are short and sweet. The verses are provocative. Maryann exercises both her singing and her rapping abilities this time around. She pairs subtle harmonies with street infused lyrics for a majority of the offering. Then in a nice change of pace, she ditches the Auto Tune assisted melodies for a crisp flow with jazzy bars for the end half of the single. The intention for this cut is for it to serve as the backdrop of sorts for like a late night cruise or party joint and it certainly fits the bill. Peep as Maryann goes in: “All that, sitting here looking for a partner to swoop me. So we can roll up, hot box the hoopty. Head downtown I can dump this oz. You can park around the corner cause the neighbors is nosey. Eh, I’m in and I’m out, no longer than five minutes then we can bounce. It’s the city of trees so you know what I’m ’bout. Breh I’mma help you out with any amount.” One has to dig the hint of gangster that Maryann displays in those words right there. As a whole, this is a sly effort.

**My Two Cents: I can definitely see why Maryann wanted to make sure that her supporters caught this track. The mellow nature of the production is super appealing. The hook is nice and easy to follow. And the content is entertaining. I especially loved the way everything switched up at the end. I know the Auto Tune helps add to her Futuristic signature but her natural flow is choice. Certainly hoping to hear more of that down the road. Don’t forget that This Is What The Moon Sounds Like is out now. Those interested can get all of the goods on the EP here. -MinM

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