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Lil Durk – “1-773 Vulture”

by Miracle

Lil Durk usually makes the site for one crazy news event or another. However, not too long ago, one of his recent releases were brought to our attention. He took on rapper Logic‘s infamous single “1-800-273-8255.” He coined his version “1-773 Vulture” and it’s garnered quite popularity for a track that’s been out for just a little over a week.

The original production for this tune was kept completely intact. Which is a good thing as the flowy sparkling instrumental is an instant charmer. The hook is engaging. Lil Durk infuses his delivery with a bit of melody and his lyrics mirror the original song’s theme of ultimately wanting to live despite being in dire circumstances. There is only one verse present. The verse is of a satisfying quality. Lil Durks steps up with a magnetic flow, fetching wordplay, and since rhymes. He continues the theme of survival amid misfortune in a vivid manner. Lines such as: “We can’t find yo a**, we gone kill yo artists. And you know it’s guaranteed when I say promise. And I got some shorties that’s gone shoot. They gone do the s–t you ain’t gone do. They don’t slide on yo block. They make calls on you. You hang with them and don’t supposed to it’s gone fall on you. Spit on me bad when I was down. I’m a ball on you;” are sure to have a colorful impact on any listener. As a whole, this is a fresh hood revamp of the Pop chart-topper.

**My Two Cents: I am not the biggest Lil Durk fan ever. But I can give props when they are due. And the Chicago rapper got off on this remix. I love the way he kept to the original premise but put his own spin on it. The hook is my favorite part. The words are just raw. I definitely think readers should give this one a spin. Be sure to drop a line in the comments section with your thoughts after you check it out. -MinM

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