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Kash Bell – “Everyday”

by Miracle

artworks-000042158402-k2hngx-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“Everyday” (listen/download)

Meet Kash Bell. Kash is a fresh face coming to the site all the way from Lakeland, FL. Someone in his camp thought the readers might enjoy his music. Since The Illixer is all about supporting indie and underground talent, decided to go ahead and show him some love. He is currently pushing a song / video titled “Everyday” produced by BaSh Peters. The production here is first-class. It incorporates a sample of a song called “Simple Things” by a group named Zero 7 with a slight Hip-Hop twist. The hook also makes use of the sample. For those who haven’t heard the original record, it’s a slow tempo Blues type number with a solemn vibe. The verses are arresting. Kash Bell presents a steady flow, meaningful wordplay, and reflective rhymes. He does a flawless job of calling attention to the ills that exist in today’s society. He informs: “We know the truth but yet we choose to curse each other. Call each other brother. Turn around and murk each other. Take a walk. I’ll take you further. Where the mothers got a suffer. And they spotting under-covers on the spot. Ain’t no jobs. Middle fingers to the cops. I sit and watch with all my n—as. At these n—as pulling triggers and hitting innocent victims. R-i-p s–t is sickening.” Some serious truths being put on the table by Kash in those lines. The record ends with a clip of a passionate speech by the late Tupac Shakur addressing issues that he felt were plaguing society, especially the youth, back in his day. Overall, this was an estimable single with a must hear message. Peep the visuals for the track below.

**My Two Cents: I am always excited when I get referred to a new artist. Kash was worth the anticipation. He has a strong flow and is nice with the pen. It is a breath of fresh air to hear such a young artist making music with some substance. I definitely plan to keep an ear on Kash and his music in the future. If readers would like to do the same, they can catch him on: Reverb Nation, Twitter, and YouTube. -MinM