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Illuminati Roundtable: Yeezus Recycle Bin Bound?

by Pooh Bailey


Yeezus (iTunes)

Did you miss me? I know I disappeared like a father who said he was just going to get some milk. But you should know, like a herpes outbreak, I’ll always be back. Now that we’ve got that out the way, let’s talk about what I came for, Yeezus. Instead of doing my normal celebrity news update, I’m going to review the album heard around the world. Now if you’re an avid Kanye West listener, then you’ll agree that his catalog consists of nothing but great albums. His catalog includes one classic, two masterpieces, and two great albums. And then there’s Yeezus. Now let me go on the record and say Yeezus isn’t bad but it isn’t great either. Here’s a short breakdown of how I feel (track by track) …1. “On Sight” – Yeezy bragging about f—ing broads over a house beat, pass.

2.  “Black Skinhead” – Hated it when he performed it on Saturday Night Live, but the studio version is so much better. By the way the line “I keep it 300, like the Romans” should really be “like the Spartans” who were Greek.

3. “I Am God” – Love the beat, the chorus and second verse are hilarious. He still doesn’t tell us why he’s a god though.

4. “New Slaves” – This is the song you rap after you get fired. I mean you love what you do until they stop paying you. So Ye is saying ‘f—k’ corporations not because they’re ruining music but because he got fired.

5. “Hold My Liquor” – This song features Chief Keef, enough said, pass.

6. “I’m In It” – Ever wonder what porn would sound like on a podcast narrated by Kanye? It’s like the strange cousin to “Addiction” (Late Registration track). Great beat too.

7. “Blood On The Leaves” – Everyone seems to love this song but me. Other than Nina Simone‘s “Strange Fruit” and C-Murder’s “Down 4 My N—-as” mash-up. Lyrically this song is meh.

8. “Guilt Trip” – An auto-tuned mess.

9. “Send It Up” – I actually like this song. The beat reminds me of a fight scene in the Kill Bill movies. King L and Yeezy both deliver.

10. “Bound 2” – This song is what we love from Kanye. A sped up soul sample with your drunk Uncle Charlie on the chorus while Kanye spills his rich man problems.

If an art student had an assignment due before school was out and just threw everything he learned that year into one meaningless project that would be this album. It’s misogynistic, douche-bagtastic, and just plain random. Production wise, no one of this generation does it better.  But lyrically, like the dollar, it’s on a decline. With a title like Yeezus, you would’ve expected some deep, metaphorical, and sometimes humorous LP. Nope. This album isn’t deep. There’s nothing deep about fisting except maybe who you’re doing it to. Not very metaphorical either. However, it’s humorous. This album to me is like a good B movie, with a great budget. Do I recommend you buy it? I mean it’s your money but I’m sure there’s a stripper somewhere that can use that $11.99. I’m just saying. -Pooh Bailey

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