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Illuminati Roundtable: The Euology of Kanye Omari

by Pooh Bailey

“Racism’s still alive, they just be concealin’ it. But I know they don’t want me in the damn club. They even make me show I.D to get inside of Sam’s club.”

Here lies the élan vital of the one and only Kanye Omari West. He leaves behind not only three biological children but millions of offspring who dictated his every move. Ever since his girl’s friend looked like a light skin Michael Jackson, he had hearts. It has saddened us that he left us so soon but we must remember to still come up in the spot looking extra fly. Because before the day we die, we got to touch the sky.

You might be asking, ‘why a eulogy now?’ We as a people have been waiting eight years, EIGHT YEARS for Kanye to wake up from his fame induced coma. However, the blatant disrespect to your regime-militant passed away. No longer will the New Slaves turn into Black-Skin Heads but into passive aggressive junkies or worse, alt-right members. No longer will these Heartless pupils’ lock-down their love but marry into their patriarchy all for the sake of Saint Pablo. These kids won’t understand how Martin Louis aka Louis Vuitton Don walked with Jesus just so we can watch the throne.

But we are not naïve. We were warned of this day. He told us that when he gets on he was going to leave us for a White girl. He told us picking clothes were like picking cotton because he wanted to be liked by the fashion industry. He began to mock us by saying his woman (a manufactured White woman) would make us look like Precious (a heavyset unattractive Black woman). He wanted us to rage against the machine while he sold his soul to it. We were warned. And yet his passing has us in a shock.

The passing of Kanye Omari will undoubtedly change the dynamics of Hip-Hop. And no whoever this guy Yeezy Kardashian is posing as the new Kanye can suck it. Nobody will speak the Black truth so blatant as our Kanye Omari. The college dropout dropped and he became king. And like many kings, his reign at the top was shorter than Gary Coleman. So, to our brother. Our friend. Our mentor. Our mouthpiece. Rest easy and understand we will never give country to that man who is posing as you. – Pooh Bailey

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