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Genesis Renji – “StreetLights” (Video)

by Miracle

GR Edit 01(Photo By Genesis Renji)

Genesis Renji (The House Of Renji) is a familiar name to the site as he has been mentioned quite a few times in connection to other artists. However, he hasn’t gotten his own shot at some individual attention. Given his popularity and flattering reputation throughout the city, figured it was about time to change that. First, a little background about the Milwaukee talent. Renji resides in the 414 but is actually a native of Maryland. He has worked with countless artists like Pizzle & Emmitt James. Been on tour with acts such as AGAPE. Opened for serious Hip-Hop names including Pharoahe Monch. And performed in high profile venues like the New Orleans Superdome. So his impeccable reputation is well earned. He is specifically praised for his commitment, stage presence, and rich sound. Renji’s goal is to utilize his talents to show the world a shining example of dedication through music. He also does not want to be classified as just another rapper. Instead he prefers to be looked at as a talent who balances the arts of: Hip-Hop, Poetry, and Gospel. That’s an interesting trio. 

Earlier in the year, Genesis Renji released a project entitled Milwaukee Nights. His submission to the site is a video called “StreetLights” which is actually the final song on the mixtape. The song itself is a subdued lethargic number that see’s Renji: sharing some personal experiences, pondering over the meaning of life, and discussing the significance of his music grind. He touches on it all with a mellow distinct flow, smart wordplay, and savvy rhymes. The song is of a four star quality. The video was done by Josiah Dean Williams for JDeanWilliams Productions. It takes place at nighttime and basically just features Genesis Renji presenting the deep riveting single in a few different modest locations. There are some amazing visual effects in place that help add to the wow factor of the piece. The lighting is perfect. The transitions are neat and artistic. The video winds down with a sharp close up shot of Renji amidst a black backdrop and then gives way to some brief colorful promo set ups. Overall, this was a refreshing flick.

**My Two Cents: This was my first major introduction to Genesis Renji right along with the readers. I thoroughly enjoyed it all. He has an impressive resume. Additionally, I admire what he represents. He is super talented. So the hype he receives is pretty accurate. And I thought that both the song & video were superior. Certainly looking forward to hearing and sharing more from Renji in the future. -MinM

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