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Fuze The MC – Boom Boom Clap (Soundtrack Review)

by Miracle

unnamed(Photo By Fuze The MC)

Boom Boom Clap [Audio Music Novel Soundtrack] (preview)

Boom Boom Clap [Audio Music Novel] (full length preview)

As mentioned the previously featured audio music novel Boom Boom Clap by Fuze The MC has a soundtrack component that contains the music played throughout the story. There are 13 total songs and production from the likes of: Just Plain Jones, Sir Carlito Kang, Starscream, etc. This post will take a look at a couple of the tracks that left the biggest impression on the site as the novel was explored. Continue reading after the jump.

“We The People”

The production here is good. The soulful musical components, rhythmical instrumentation, casual pace, and contemplative vibe blend together harmoniously. The hook is striking. The vocals are expressive and the lyrics are modest. The verses are satisfactory. Fuze The MC exhibits an energetic flow, proficient wordplay, and thought provoking rhymes. He conveys a message that calls into question whether or not we are currently doing justice to those who paved the way for us with ventures such as the civil rights movement. A few noteworthy lines include: “I seem to think that dreams don’t come true for the people. So I come through just to teach you. I got my staff feeling regal. I got my path I can keep you on the straight and narrow. Like a bullet in the barrel bang. All the fame feel the same. Shoes I’m lacing for the game. Oh it’s on. Feel the song. What is wrong? What is wrong?! Like damn what are you passionate about?! No for real. What the f–k you rapping about?!” Those are some spirited and weighted bars right there. Overall, this was an admirable and meaningful single.

“Pullin’ Out”

The production here is solid. The stable base, trendy background elements, mid-tempo gait, and club vibe result in an appealing combination. The hook is dope. The delivery is engaging and the lyrics are fun. Also, it’s done to the melody of the hook from “Holidae Inn” by rapper Chingy. So that was a clever ploy. The verses are decent. Fuze The MC presents an accelerated flow, adequate wordplay, and befitting rhymes. He did a first-class job of crafting a good old fashion turn up anthem. A handful of memorable lines are: “Pulling out and rolling. Do you know what I’m holding? I’m like nah b—h chill. I ain’t talking about my scrotum. I’m f–ked up. I’m hanging out. See a bad b—h. Gotta bang her out. If she do it right I might keep her. On second thought, see I’m a teacher. If she got D’s, I’m a give her F’s.” Those are some slick opening bars to kick off the song with. All in all, this was a valid selection.

“Relax Your Mind”

The production here is premium. The low lying infrastructure, hushed secondary ingredients, deliberate cadence, and mellow vibe make for a four star mixture. The hook is pleasing too. The vocals are extremely in tune and the lyrics are soothing. There is only one verse. The solitary verse is choice. Fuze The MC serves up a smooth level flow, enticing wordplay, and cavalier rhymes. He tastefully establishes a very grown & sexy tone. Peep it as he spits: “But I told her it was over. Cause I had you coming over. When I could of told her that I had the flu. Who knew? Last night I swear I saw you. Yeah, you right. I should’ve called you. But the drinks got low. And the lights got dim. And the weed got blown. And my eyes got thin. Swear I had a dream that I walked with an angel. That I was too blinded by the light of her halo. But when the light fade from the light rays and my eyes focused, I was looking at you. But enough about me. How was your week? Oh you stressed? I got the recipe.” One has to respect Fuze’s game in those bars right there. He came correct. The remainder of the record is filled with beautiful instrumentation and the occasional musing from Fuze himself. As a whole, this was a polished cut.

**My Two Cents: The Boom Boom Clap soundtrack was a strong compliment to the novel. I chose to highlight songs that reflected each of the main parts of the tale but the entire project was legitimate. Fuze The MC provided adept content and the production was sterling too. Readers certainly need to give this an ear after checking out the novel. -MinM

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