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EL – “Peachy”

by Miracle

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Even though he just dropped a project a couple of months ago, EL is already moving on to new tunes. He has a couple of joints that are making some noise at the moment. One of which is entitled “Peachy.” The press release describes the single as a rainy day selection pertaining to EL’s life and the world around him. Continue reading to go a little deeper into the offering.

The production here is pristine. The luxurious bass, coordinated supporting ingredients, svelte tempo, and conservative vibe make for a brilliant combination. The hook is extremely favorable. The delivery is easy to understand and the lyrics are easy to identify with. The verses are copacetic. EL brandishes a traditional flow, personal wordplay, and plainspoken rhymes. He shares tidbits about his own hardships as well as touches on the ills of society. A couple of lines to be aware of include: “Space Jam s–t I had to tell ’em. Cause most n—as don’t get s–t through they cerebellum. And most n—as don’t get s–t because they jealous. Hate to see a n—a balling, shot calling. Rather see a n—a falling, car stalling. Trying to shake the demons off him. How awesome to be from the bottom and sorted in a column. Rich n—as wearing Yeezys and you glad that you got ’em. Can’t seem to make it out the dark or solemn. So you looking for a prayer just to solve your problems.” The truthfulness spilling from those words right there is weighty. Overall, this is an enlightening record.
**My Two Cents: This was a good change of pace for EL. The subject matter was significant and the production was top of the line. Not sure where he’s headed with the new material that he’s dropping, but he’s off to a fine start. A lot of people will be able to connect to this as everyone knows what it’s like to deal with tough times in life. I think it’s worth spinning, rainy day or not. So go ahead and press play. -MinM

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