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Dukalion – “ClassActRapSh!+”

by Miracle

artworks-000089327622-u9oteh-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Milwaukee/Los Angeles talent Dukalion (SAFS Crew) decided to release some new music a couple of weeks ago. It’s a promotional only record coined “ClassActRapSh!+.” It runs about a little over two minutes in length and serves as a treat for the end of the Summer.
The production here is of a down to earth quality. The conventional foundation, fluent secondary elements, moderate tempo, and indifferent vibe result in an estimable combination. There is no hook present on this track. It survives just fine without one but it would have been cool to hear one created for it. The drawn out verse is gratifying. Dukalion contributes a steadfast flow, befitting wordplay, and legitimate rhymes. He gives the listener a crash course on himself, his team, and his family. A couple of noteworthy lines include: “Can’t ignore the clan. Corner markets by the radius. Cooler than my shadow. Bright minds be the shadiest. It’s the zen meister. Spit like a geyser when I rip it. (…) That’s my lethal weapon of choice. Get finesse with the voice. Fresher than an earlobe that’s still moist. Godbody with a mob like Gotti. Eating fresh, God bless, ’bout to pop like Molly. Never sweat the technique. Just respect the physique.” Those are some entertaining bars right there. Overall, this is a fly promo record.
**My Two Cents: This was a neat little number. The production was clean and simple. The content was splendidly delivered. I also really dig the title and accompanying artwork. This indeed would make for a proper addition to any end of the Summer playlists or just any music collection period. Readers should set aside a few minutes and give it a spin. -MinM

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