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Dirty Rotten Socialists – “YDWT. (You Don’t Want This)”

by Miracle

YDWTArt(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Dirty Rotten Socialists is a newly formed group on the Milwaukee music scene horizon. It consists of members: Will Static, Sunny Lou, Nes, Oliver Blue, and Smoov. The gang is currently working on their debut EP. They’ve been circulating a couple of singles off of the up-and-coming project to give people an idea of what they have to offer as a unit. One of the leaks is a song coined “YDWT. (You Don’t Want This).” It is produced by DJ Vintage and is the second track to be unveiled. Members Will Static and Sunny Lou are the front men on this cut.

The production here is valid. The hushed base, shadowy background elements, creeping tempo, and haunting vibe result in an appealing mash up. The hook is decent. The delivery is animated and the lyrics get straight to the point. The verses are consistent. Will Static knocks out the first half of the selection and Sunny Lou holds it down for the second half. Both artists dish out personality driven flows, spirited wordplay, and nervy rhymes. The duo verbally demonstrate why they are not to be tried in a seemingly taunting manner. A sprinkling of lines worth keeping on repeat are: “You don’t want this. You don’t work like me. You don’t eat like me. You don’t live like me. And you don’t like me. But ya b—h like me. Sending pics on Snapchat you don’t see. You don’t move like me. You don’t real like me. You don’t see like me. You don’t gang like me. You don’t squad like me. I love my n—as til I’m six feet deep.” Sunny beasted those bars right there. As a whole, this is a fresh second leak.

**My Two Cents: I really like “YDWT. (You Don’t Want This).” The production is hot and I dig the vibe that the instrumental gives off. Will and Sunny nail the content too. Will aligns much better with the beat this time around and Sunny just makes a seriously dope impression overall. The fellas work really nicely together. I’m curious to hear how the rest of the group measures up. Will definitely have to keep my ears on DRS. Readers can stay connected to the group by liking them on Facebook (see above). -MinM

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