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Dimillio – Easy (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

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Easy (listen/download)

Dimillio is a newbie to the game with an unique story behind him. He was born in Germany and raised in the army brat lifestyle. He began to explore music in his teens through instruments like the saxophone and electric guitar. Once he got the musician thing down pact, he decided to take things to the next level by writing and actually recording songs. He then went on to release the finished songs through social media sites like MySpace. Through social media he built a fan base and made some connections in the industry. He took that momentum and used his spare time outside of school to create his debut mixtape, Easy. He added a few live performances to his repertoire and was eventually granted opportunities to open up for serious Hip-Hop names such as Kurtis Blow. Additionally, he has started his own movement dubbed “Stay Click.” The movement is all about never forgetting where you came from and bringing the people you struggled with along for the ride once you make it big. If all of that wasn’t enough, Dimillio has plans to break into the fashion world too. Guided by his motto “live for what you love,” the young talent hopes that his genre of ‘New Generation’ Hip-Hop ultimately leads him to an iconic level of success. Let’s dive into Easy and find out how he’s doing so far in reaching said level.

“Over The Bar” F/ Cory Jones

The production here is good. It contains a solid knock, zesty background components, a mid-tempo pace, and a cool vibe. The hook is decent. The vocals have a nice harmony to them and the lyrics are likeable. The verses are competent. Dimillio brings a conventional flow, fair wordplay, and sufficient rhymes. He does a suitable job of breaking down his idea of style for the listener. A few lines worth highlighting include: “Look at my swag. I’m high above the clouds. It’s Dimillio baby. I ain’t ever coming down. (…) Cause ain’t no price to this. If I gave my number out bet yo girl would save it quick. And when you ain’t around she probably send me naked pics. If I were you I wouldn’t trust her, not a bit. This the life I chose. I’m only doing me. I couldn’t be cloned. Everything I want finds it’s way to my palms.” Lots of personality being displayed  in those bars from the first verse. Overall, this song is worth checking out at least once.

“I’m On” F/ Mike Page

The production here is kosher. It is made up of a carefree infrastructure, light secondary elements, a median gait, and an uplifting vibe. The hook is adequate. The delivery is tuneful and the lyrics are catchy. The verses are customary. The break especially shines and does a great job of establishing the theme of the track. Dimillio is up to bat first and Mike Page comes in next. The pair contribute straightforward flows, standard wordplay, and modest rhymes; as they convey the motivation behind their music scene grind. Some memorable lines from the break performed by Dimillio are: “Make a toast to the hustle. Make a toast to the struggle. Got some n—as in the pen. Trying to move them n—as out. Got my mama and I’m trying to move her to a bigger house. (…) I’m out here trying to get it. Live it all independent. I’m a fly a** n—a. So you never catch me tripping. Treat the studio like the kitchen, so I’m out here whipping.” Expressive personal sentiments being offered up right there that a lot of up and coming artists will be able to empathize with. In the end, this is an intermediate effort.

“Catch A Flight” F/ Kison

The production here is polished. The mellow bass, refined musical ingredients, soothing rhythm, and pleasant vibe fit together nicely. The hook is choice. The vocals are beautifully delivered and the lyrics are admirable. The verses are secure. Dimillio presents a consistent flow, flattering wordplay, and noble rhymes. He goes out of his way to reassure the special lady in his life as it pertains to the strength of their relationship in light of his hectic schedule due to his career. Peep it as he spits: “I try my best baby just for you. I know times get hard but baby stick through. We only got us and nothing comes between. And when I see my phone ring don’t think I won’t answer. Show me some love. Come be my private dancer. Send me some pics while I’m in the studio. Sleep walking, following my dreams on this lonely road. And every time I write raps, you’re the one I think about. Don’t ever doubt this love. It’s chilling on a cloud. Too far up to get replaced with anyone.” Those are some truly heartfelt words from the young rapper. All in all, this is a hit offering and the site favorite off of the tape.

**My Two Cents: Easy is a creditable debut mixtape. The production is satisfactory and Dimillio has some bright moments. However, he does need to sharpen his lyricism just a bit. His wordplay could be slightly more creative as well as intricate. And he could package things so that they are slightly more fluent. He is young and has tons of time to work on improving his craft though. I definitely believe he has a lot of potential and will develop strongly as time goes on. Easy ranks a 3/5 in it’s entirety. -MinM

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