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Bobby V – “Back To Love”

by Miracle

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“Back To Love” (preview)

R&B singer Bobby V (formerly known as Bobby Valentino) got his big break back in 2005 via rapper Ludacris and his Disturbing Tha Peace imprint. His self-titled debut album was a huge success and it earned him quite a status in the music scene. His sophomore effort wasn’t quite as big and the Atlanta crooner eventually decided to strike out on his own and parted ways with Luda and company. Despite the changes, he hasn’t let anything slow him down. He has a total of five studio albums under his belt as well as four mixtapes. Which is not too shabby at all. He recently teamed up with a familiar name to The Illixer, I AM PR Agency, for a promotional campaign. The promo efforts are to get people interested in his upcoming EP, Peach Moon. The EP is said to be one of Bobby’s most standout works. This due to the fact that he showcased his Southern roots and utilized a live band. So there are no automated or computer generated instruments on the project. Also, Bobby V himself has acquired quite the knack for piano playing over the past year or so and that will be reflected on the EP too. The album will be released courtesy of Blu Kolla Dreams.

Today, Bobby V debuted the first single off of Peach Moon. It’s titled “Back To Love.” The production here is delightful. It is made up of a middling pace, Jazz style instruments, and a feel good vibe. The hook is pleasing to the ear as well. The vocals have a polished harmony to them and the lyrics are self-explanatory yet charming. The verses are solid. Bobby V brings soulful vocals and wholehearted lyrics. He does an admirable job of sweet talking his special lady. A few lines worth observing include: “Let’s take a trip to the peach moon. I know it’s meant for you. You know I want ya here for a while. Just to wake up to your smile. I’m a make it worth your while. I’m a go the extra mile. We can reach for something else. We can try for something new. Let’s go back to love, back to love. Just me and you.” Those endearing words would touch the spirit of any woman. Overall, this was an adequate record.

**My Two Cents: I always thought Bobby V was a fairly decent singer. I respect the fact that he’s kept at it over the years and hasn’t given up on his dream. I was digging this track. The production sounds good and the content has a nice feel to it. I think readers will enjoy it as well and should give it a listen for sure. For more with what’s going on with Bobby V, readers can catch him online via a couple of different sites: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. -MinM

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