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Amerikas Addiction – “Trust These Hoes (Comfort Inn Ending)” (Video)

by Miracle

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“Trust These Hoes (Comfort Inn Ending)” (previous review)

As promised, Amerikas Addiction gave their supporters the gift of a brand new video this past Friday night (2/13). The video is for their popular new Sick Siah produced single “Trust These Hoes (Comfort Inn Ending).” The site’s earlier review of the track can be found above. The selection will appear on the duo’s upcoming album, 13. The video is the work of Michael Alston.

The visual grabs the viewer right out of the gate as the camera brings into focus a glimpse of David Kelly lying on the floor as a female hovers over him with a large knife in her hand. She stabs him and then proceeds to toy around with the blood from his wounds. From there, the events that lead up to the opening are shown in a flashback style manner of sorts while the deadly vixen continues to have her fun before ultimately cleaning up the mess. Joshua Scarver makes an appearance in the flick as well. His role in this mini Horror/Thriller will definitely take viewers by surprise. The piece is enhanced by Kelly’s ghost like presence as he delivers the cautionary lyrics of the record. The conclusion of the offering sees the femme fatale planting a kiss on Kelly’s lifeless body before causally sauntering away. As a whole, this is a creepy yet compelling effort. #DWYD

**My Two Cents: This is an awesome video. Major props to Mr. Alston. It compliments the song perfectly and is well put together. The leading lady gives off a very believable crazy vibe (lol). Also, I love the fact that David is actually performing the song in certain parts and it’s not just all narrative. It’s a little bizarre since he is supposed to be dead but that’s also what makes it so appealing. And Joshua pulls off a realistic betrayal as well. Everyone involved pretty much did their thing. Overall, it’s a nice twisted innovative way to tackle the issue of trust in relationships. Readers need to give this a glance for sure. -MinM

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