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Alexa Redd – “Right Time”

by Miracle

“Right Time” (iTunes)

Time to meet a fresh new artist. Readers say hello to Miss Alexa Redd. The young singer/songwriter hails from Central Illinois and came to our attention courtesy of Deezy Da Paperboy. She happens to be an artist on his Paperboy Entertainment imprint. It should be noted that Alexa is quite the instrumentalist too. She plays piano, guitar, and more. Rumor has it that she is self taught, which is pretty impressive. Though influenced by many, the teenage talent’s style is described as one that is all her own. She draws inspiration from her personal experiences and views of the world. Her end game being to remain true to herself. That coupled with the fact that she comes from a household that is all about music and fully supportive of independent artists, has Alexa ready to take the music industry by storm. At the moment, Redd and her team are pushing her latest single “Right Time.” They sent it over to the site for a bit of feedback. Continue reading after the break to see how it landed with The Illixer.

The production here is intriguing. The atmospheric infrastructure, quirky background details, sprightly tempo, and feel good vibe instantly lure the listener in. The hook is fetching. The vocals are convincing and the lyrics are endearing. The verses are solid. Alexa Redd applies low unique sounding harmonies to very expressive lyrics. She gives the listener a charming glimpse of how her life has been changed for the better thanks to the newfound presence of a special someone. She croons: “I hope you’re not attached with no strings. Cause I’m falling baby. Like a breath of fresh air, craving. Came in like a waterfall, cleansing. Perfect beat to my melody. A beautiful thing. I was down but you were there to save me. I fell for you. But look at you, who can blame me. I hope I don’t regret everything.” The imagery within those lines right there is refreshing and would likely stir up emotions in anyone who happen to be the subject that inspired such niceties. As a whole, this is a highly enjoyable tune.

**My Two Cents: I was vibing to “Right Time” from the moment I pressed play. It just has an attractive energy about it. Add to that the sincere relatable nature of the content and there is no denying that Alexa Redd is on to something here. I was very shocked to learn that she is only in her teens. She’s got a mature sound. And it’s definitely all her own. I love her tone. I think she gets a little long winded in some parts on the lyrics but otherwise no complaints. I’m sure she’ll learn to tighten her pen as she continues to grow & develop as an artist. If readers are willing to shake up their playlists a bit, they should definitely give “Right Time” a spin. -MinM

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