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(Photo By Sinista New Breed – Sound Cloud)


The name Sinista New Breed of New Breed Entertainment has been coming up a lot lately in posts related to the Southside movement. And that is because he has his hand in all aspects of the movement, as he does a little bit of everything.  Originally from Texas, Sinista would eventually find himself on the Southside of Milwaukee where he would turn to music to help him deal with his life experiences. Using his pain and struggle for motivation, Sinista has become known as a real and diverse emcee with high credibility who is well respected in the streets. He has done several mixtapes and features, leading up to the release of his first official album. But music isn’t Sinista’s only gift. He has a way with the camera as well. Which readers got a chance to see with the first all female Milwaukee Cypher and with the promo video for Sounds From The Othaground 2 event. And if that wasn’t enough, Sinista is all about using the Southside movement to create positivity. For example, he was able to convince rival gangs to put aside their differences in order to participate in one of his videos. That is pretty impressive. On a mission to make his mark in the game without conforming to typical industry standards, Sinista is doing all he can to be heard and recognized. And he is well on his way to achieving his goal. As he has a strong following in both the Spanish and English speaking communities by those who see/hear his endless artistic potential. Now that readers know a little more about Sinista and have seen his video work, let’s check out his music. Click the jump for a review of his track “Maserati.”