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(Photo By DJBooth.Net)

The Balance EP: Money

The DMV homie Lyriciss has graced his fans with some new music. He recently dropped a new project called The Balance EP: Money. The EP is part of a four part series that the rapper is releasing in partnership with The DJBooth. This is the second offering from the series. The first is entitled The Balance EP: Respect and can be found here. The Balance EP: Money includes four brand new tracks and is executive produced by Inner Loop Media Group. Also, it features production from Grussle, J-Scrilla and Soulful!. Continue reading to check out a review of two of the four tracks.

“The Agenda”

This is one of the tracks produced by Grussle. The production is on point. It features a light knock, some background vocals, and a chill type of vibe. There is no actual hook present, just a a few references to the song title towards the end of the track. Which works out fine, the track still flows smoothly. There is no typical verse structure for this track either. Lyriciss basically just spits the whole way through. He does an excellent job too. He kept a good steady pace with a clean delivery, had some crafty wordplay, and dope rhymes. Notable lines include: “But I survive with my grind and my intellect. I’m killing n—-s like diabetes and cigarettes. Light brown skin, soul black as Henney. Stepping over the game like the Kappas shimmy. A lot of rappers in this field can’t practice with me. They some actors to me. Cause I got some James Cagney in me. Smart money, I be running for that. A public enemy, you know they be gunning for that.”  Some pretty slick lyricism in those lines, especially the play on the James Cagney reference. Overall, this track is hot and was a smart way to kick off the EP.