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This past Saturday (1/21), the people of Milwaukee were treated to a special show at local venue Mad Planet. Hometown Hip-Hop hero King Kamonzi was in the building fresh off a trip to Europe with the legendary Afrika Bambaataa. Though he was just there to help open for veteran Horrorcore rapper Kool Keith, he rocked the crowd like a headliner. While most rappers do who knows what backstage during the set-up process, Kamonzi was front and center hyping up the crowd with a little call and response. He also  took some time to drop a little  knowledge about Hip-Hop and humanity too and the audience was feeling him all the way. Once the deejay was good to go and the crowd was ready, Kamonzi grabbed the mic and went in. He let the crowd choose his mic too by the way, that was neat. Anyways, he kicked things off with a track called “Off The Top” and went on to have a little fun with a cut entitled “No Tricking (The Anti-Tricking Anthem).” Some brief footage of “No Tricking” can be seen below. From there Kamonzi performed a few more singles off of his Mixtape Monster project. One of his highlight moments was his a-cappella performance of a piece called “Letterbox.”