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(Photos By HAZ3)

“There’s so much of a stigma placed on Hip-Hop in general. The competitive nature of a rapper to be the biggest, richest entity has outshined the actual art of Hip-Hop itself. There has always been a comparison between Hip-Hop and Rap or the emcee vs. a rapper. In reality, we all do the same thing from different perspectives. I feel whether you are a conscious rapper or in the booth making “trap” music the level of respect across the board should be the same for each artist.”HAZ3 (On The State Of Hip-Hop) / HAZ3 is a Spoken Word/Hip-Hop artist here in Milwaukee. Working in the game since 2004, he is known for taking his personal experiences and relaying them with a lot of expression and striking details. Which usually results in moving performances. His end game is not that of the typical artist. He doesn’t want the fame or the big bucks. Instead he just wants to keep growing in his art, motivate others, and bring some variety and respect back to the game. The Illixer had the privilege of picking the mind of the down to earth Milwaukee emcee and getting to know him a little better. Check it out after the jump.