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ZZ Ward – “Til The Casket Drops”

by Miracle

(Photo By The Chamber Group)

Criminal EP (iTunes)

Remember ZZ Ward? She’s the songstress who is shaking up the music scene via her unique combination of Blues and Hip-Hop. Since she was last featured she has been hard at  work putting together a new EP and polishing up her debut album. The EP is titled Criminal and it dropped last week on iTunes. Criminal is a four song gift to ZZ’s fans for showing her so much love and support. One of the tracks on the EP is a song entitled “Til The Casket Drops.” An audio visual for the track was released on YouTube.



This song was featured in the promo commercial for the new season of the ABC Family television show Pretty Little Liars. The show’s fans instantly fell in love with the track and that may be the reason it was specially selected for an audio release. The production here is sick. It contains a deep heavy bass, an array of instruments, and an intense soulful vibe. The hook is stellar too. ZZ has powerful vocals and the lyrics are striking. The verses are top notch. ZZ brings her signature raspy style and raw emotional lyrics. ZZ does an excellent job of conveying her feelings and sentiments to the listener. The passion in her vocals really gives the verses that extra something special. Overall, this single is a hit. If the rest of Criminal is the same way, it is well worth a few bucks.

**My Two Cents: I really liked this song. Once again, ZZ Ward won me over with her unusual vocal style and high quality production. She has a certain something about her and the industry is wide open right now for a singer with true vocal talent like herself. I hope her fan base and popularity continue to grow, she deserves to be heard. If readers want more with ZZ, they should check out her website. She is currently on tour and as mentioned earlier, gearing up to release her debut album. The album is due out in September via Boardwalk / Hollywood Records. -MinM

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