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Watley Yeltaw – “Limitless”

by Miracle

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“Limitless” (listen/download)

 The Watley Yeltaw Project (listen/download)

A few days ago, 414 artist Watley Yeltaw released his sophomore effort labeled The Watley Yeltaw Project. One of the singles off of the offering is a song called “Limitless.” The single serves as the collective’s second leak. The production here is on point. The stilled foundation, refined secondary components, passive tempo, and lenient vibe result in a dignified blend. The hook is well-made. The delivery is tidy and the lyrics are appealing. The verses are shipshape. Watley doles out a brisk recognizable flow, official wordplay, and concrete rhymes. He does an optimal job of reflecting his emancipated state of mind. A sprinkling of lines to be aware of are: “They mad at me for reasons I don’t care about. Spreading false and they whispering. Wondering if I’m real or not. A walking conspiracy. In reality, they fearing me. (…) Every single time they seeing me. When I count down man they life will end.” Those are some acute final bars right there. As a whole, this is a decent selection.

**My Two Cents: This was a solid choice as an early release to help build buzz for the The Watley Yeltaw Project. The production was valid and the content wasn’t too shabby either. I really enjoyed Watley’s flow the most. He tried something a little different and it worked out great. Readers should consider heading on over to Audio Mack and listening to the rest of the growing talent’s sophomore offering if they dig the single too. I’m sure he would appreciate the support. -MinM

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