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Vanessa Elisha – “Out Of Time”

artworks-000135862467-2pc8z3-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Though currently working on taking her live performance game to new heights, Aussie diva Vanessa Elisha is still making sure to keep her supporters happy with fresh music. A couple of weeks ago, she released a brand new single called “Out Of Time.” XXYYXX serves as the mastermind behind the boards on this cut.

The production here is plush. It consists of: a snazzy foundation, sleek musical components, a smokey tempo, and a seriously magnetic vibe. The hook is a treat too. The vocals are attractive and the lyrics are sentimental. The verses are sterling. Vanessa Elisha offers up flattering harmonies and heartfelt lyrics. She does a fine job of captivating the listener as she longs to close the distance between her and her significant other. A sprinkling of lines worth keeping on repeat include: “If it was up to me, you would never leave. And I wouldn’t have to wait just to hold you and not be on my own. I wish I could fly like a bird. Give you everything you deserve. I know that I’m missing out when I turn around and you’re gone. I feel your touch and it lingers. I feel your touch. I am in this. Is this what it’s like to be living? Come closer, the clock is still ticking.” One can definitely sense the intense connection between Miss Elisha and her love via those words right there. Overall, this is a jewel of a selection.

**My Two Cents: This is a nice intimate number. The production is super easy to get lost in and the content is beautifully delivered. The theme is such that anyone can appreciate it. Everyone has had someone special in their lives that they can’t stand to be away from at one point in time or another. Vanessa Elisha is on a roll with her new joints which makes the anticipation for the Good Ones EP that much stronger. May she keep up the dope work. And may readers get on her bandwagon if they aren’t already along for the ride. -MinM

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