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TwoLetterz – Chasing Dead People: Volume 3 (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

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Chasing Dead People: Volume 3  (listen/download)

TwoLetterz is an artist holding it down for Hip-Hop in everybody’s favorite windy city, Chicago. He was inspired to pursue the art form upon hearing the classic Life After Death album by the late Biggie Smalls. However, it would be the tragic loss of his brother that shook him up and motivated him to become more serious about making music. He only has a short amount of time under his belt but he has managed to build a strong presence online and amongst music listeners. His ultimate purpose for his music is to maintain the gritty Chi-Town essence while solidifying his place in Hip-Hop’s future. His latest effort in doing just that comes about via his most current mixtape, Chasing Dead People: Volume 3. Continue on after the break to find out what tracks made their mark on the site.

“The Job” F/ Add-2

The production here is good. It is made up of a clean healthy foundation, consistent rhythm, and an informal vibe. The hook is sufficient. The delivery is clear cut and easy to follow. The lyrics are up to par. The verses are decent. TwoLetterz administers the first and third verses. Add-2 covers the second. Both rappers execute differentiating flows, solid wordplay, and modest rhymes. The duo establish their flair for spitting in a nonchalant fashion. A few lines worth remembering from TwoLetterz include: “I don’t be on that Twitter s–t. Rather be on some hitter s–t. Some Sean Carter, Nasir Jones, some real spitter s–t. N—as is illiterate thinking they f–king with my style. (…) Bad b–ches is my fetish. And paper is my passion. I’m here to take the game mothaf–ka and I ain’t asking. I done struggled too long. Put my heart in my songs” TwoLetterz came firing right out of the gate in those bars. Overall, this song is worthy of a couple of spins.

“Spacesuit(s)” F/ Animuse

The production here is enjoyable. It contains a light bass, pleasant background elements, and a free spirited vibe. The hook is excellent. The vocals are flawless. The lyrics are simple but catchy. The verses are likeable. All of the artists came with appealing flows, creative wordplay, and adequate rhymes. They pretty much pen a smoker’s anthem that will be captivating to almost anybody that takes part in the popular extra curricular activity. Notable lines include: “Sprinkle that magic green grass on top of the sack. Watch it catch fire and send me to the moon. Tell my bottom chick, I’ll be back soon. She always missing on me. Where you was? I was missing homie. Smoking on that grandpa. That s–t by far. It ain’t called loud b–ch. Its more like death. That mean when you hit this s–t, you gone lose ya breath.” Nice imagery being put forth within that arrangement. All in all, this offering is a hit.


This track opens with a quick word from TwoLetterz about working on himself as an artist. From there the production kicks in. The production here is fine. The diverse conservative components, mid-tempo pace, and indifferent vibe, merge together properly. The hook is fair. The delivery is charged. The lyrics are real. The verses are satisfactory. TwoLetterz brings a solemn flow and personalized rhymes. He addresses a variety of struggles, from the absence of his father to trying to provide a better life for his mother and son. He confides: “Although I am a father now, I’m a man too. My pops was a no show. No graduations, no game. Didn’t teach me how to run game. I learned on my own. Now I’m the f–king man. But still I don’t fall back on that. If he hit my line right now I’d still give him his respect. Cause he gave life to a n—a.” Deep sentiments being shared right there. In the end, this was a legit record.

**My Two Cents: Chasing Dead People: Volume 3 is a deserving mixtape. TwoLetterz supplies valid content. He has a distinguished flow and his pen game has a lot of potential. With some time and a bit more innovation, he will be well on his way. The production and guest appearances were commendable too. As a whole, I think Hip-Hop fans will dig the tape. Be sure to hit that link to see if I’m right. On another note, TwoLetterz can be located on the net via the following sites: Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, and Reverb Nation. Show him some love and visit those accounts when you have some time. -MinM

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